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Update 2022 Some IELTS Speaking part 2 cue-cards you may like

7. Describe a course that impressed you a lot

6. Describe A Difficult Thing You Did Well

5. Describe a person who impressed you most when you were in primary school

  1. Who he/she is;
  2. How you knew him/her;
  3. Why he/she impressed you most
  4. And explain how you feel about him/her

5.1. Who he/she is;

Well, when I was in primary school, art class was always my favorite. So the art teacher, Mrs. Li, really left a mark/impression on me.

5.2. How you knew him/her;

In my eyes she was like a superhero. She could(can past) do anything! I still remember clear as day that she taught[tɔːt] us to make paper cuttings. I have to say she’s pretty skilled in paper-cutting. I remember that during one class, she took just a few minutes to cut two butterflies. It seemed like she had magic hands. But I couldn’t keep up with her at all.

5.3. Why he/she impressed you most

My fingers were clumsy [ˈklʌmzi] and I could never cut the papers well. But Mrs. Li didn’t look down on me. She personally came to my side and helped me fold[fəʊld] a piece of paper in half several times. Then she asked me to draw an image on it and cut it along the lines. When I unfolded the paper, it really looked like a butterfly. I remember I was over the moon and thanked her a lot.

over the moon: 我记得我欣喜若狂

5.4. explain how you feel about him/herÍ

Actually I learned many art skills from Mrs. Li. She was patient and kind to every student and was always smiling, so I was very fond[fɒnd] of her. After so many years, my memory of primary school is fading [ˈfeɪdɪŋ] , but I still remember tons of moments from art class and with Mrs. Li clearly. I really miss those days in primary school. It was the happiest and most carefree period of my life.

tones [tʌnz]

4. a Long Walk You Ever Had.

Describe A Long Walk You Ever Had.

  1. When 2. Where 3. Who With 4. How You Felt

4.1 when, who with

I’d like to talk about the one particular walk I had with my best friend a year ago. It had been a very tough day for me, working on weekends and to top it, the work was a bit bizarre [bɪˈzɑː®] . I was about to crash when Molly called me up for a walk.

I remember running from my work desk and out to the office gate as if I had found my freedom. We initially thought of going for a 15-minute walk, but I came back after around one hour.

We were ambling talking about the unnecessary things, discussing each other and having a beautiful time. It was late in the evening and the winds were blowing beautifully.

4.2 where (office area)

We had burger first then tea followed by corn and then ice cream. There was not much distance that we covered, we were around 500 meters from the office area, but we took many rounds of the same place, and it was amazing.

4.4 How You Felt

We chatted about his dreams and mine and then about the things going right and wrong in our lives. Then, we discussed our families, broken hearts and almost everything.

It was a lovely walk, after a terrible day at work, when you are stuck[stʌk] to a computer screen for more than 10 hours, nothing can be better than having a walk with your best friend.

星期五, 四月 01 @ 20:30 (UTC+08:00) / 四月 02 @ 22:00

Your good responses/sentences:

I will do yoga and meditation on Saturday
I’ll attend this activity
I’d like to talk about a walk that I had with a friend a half year ago
I remember running from my work desk to the office gate gate as if I had found my freedom
we thought we were going to have a 15 minute walk but we cam back after one hour
we were about 1000 meters from the place I worked
she is a classmate of my former colleague
we had a burger first and tea followed by ice cream
it was a lovely walk
Grammar tips: (This is better to say)

it was late in the evening we are hang out rather say it was late in the evening and we hung out- verb tense
it was in the evening and the wind were blowing our face rather say it was late in the evening and the wind was blowing in our faces
she living and working in Singapore rather say she is living and working in Singapore
she is data analysis in that company rather say she is a data analyst (ana-list) working in that company

3. a rule that you don’t like

Describe a rule that you don’t like


You should say:

  • What it is
  • Why you do not like it
  • How others feel about the rule
  • And explain whether you have followed the rule or not


You said: " If my English is I can choose other company " . (Wrong)

Rather say: " If my English is good I can choose another company ". (Right answer)

You said: " I want to make a short describe " . (Wrong)

Rather say: " I want to share a short description ". (Right answer)


(1):the other 用于两者中的另一个,another 指三者以上中的另一个

He has two toys. One is for me, the other is for himself.

All these are not good. Show me another, please.

(2)another 还有 “再……” 的意思,other 有 “另外” 的含义:

Have another cup of coffee, please. 再喝一杯咖啡吧!

The girl is much cleverer than other three. 这女孩比另外三个都聪明。

3.1 Introduction

(1) Rules and laws are made to create a peaceful society.

(2) If we all obey the rules and laws then we would all be benefited.

(3) There are rules everywhere.

(4) Schools are the first place where children learn about the rules and codes of conduct.

3.2 What it is?

Every school/college/office has rules, like wearing the prescribed uniform, coming in time, doing tasks on time and so on.
My school/college/office also has rules about the uniform that we have to wear.
It was blue trouser and white shirt on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Only on weekends, we can wear whatever we want

3.3 Why you don’t like it?

  1. All students/colleague and I do not like this rule.
  2. I think we should follow the western countries and everyone should be allowed to wear the clothes he likes according to his personality
  3. Everybody can express their creativity and style by wearing different clothes.

Wed 20:30

3.4 How others feel about the rule?

and whether you’ve followed the rule?

Uniforms should be for certain professionals only like doctors, lawyers or those in military/police
At my place, if anyone breaks this rule, and does not come in uniform, they are fined.
The fine for the first offence[əˈfens] is 100 but if we break the rule more than twice then the fine goes up to 1000.
Luckily, I have never broken the rule and have always ensured that my uniform is neat and clean but I still hate this rule.

2. Microwave oven repaired

something broken in your home and then repaired (Microwave oven [ˈʌvn] )

You should say:

  • What it is
  • How it was broken
  • How you got it repaired
  • And how you felt about it

2.1 What it is

We live in a modern and fashionable era [ˈɪərə]. In our life we used many things which look very stylish and breakable(时尚易碎) such as glass material, showpieces(n. (供展示用的)样品; ) etc. Here I would like to talk about “Microwave oven”. Last month on my mother’s birthday, we arranged a get-together at home for our near and dear ones 亲朋好友.

2.2 How it was broken

I planned to bake a special cake for my mother So that I worked on it. Firstly, I helped my mother with cleaning and dusting. While doing cleaning accidentally “Microwave oven” fell down and the main plate of the oven which is made of glass broken.

I felt very sad at that moment because without glass plate it is not possible to do baking in the oven. On that time, my all planning which I made for my mother’s happiness also suffered. My heart was beating fast, and I do not understand what to do now. Then I tried another oven’s glass plate, but it makes my day bad to worse. While using another glass plate, oven electrical wire got short-circuited. Everything was going wrong then with strong heart I told all things to my mother. She said to me be relaxed and calmed.

2.3 How you got it repaired

After that, we ordered a cake and celebrate my mother’s birthday. Next day, I went to an electrician shop to repair my oven. Fortunately, it was in warranty till so store manager replace my oven with a new one, but he charges some amount for a glass plate. On the end,

I learned a lesson electronically thing needs extra care and safety also.

update 2022

1. a special cake you received

Describe A Special Cake You Received From Others

  1. When it happened
  2. Where it happened
  3. Who you got the cake from
  4. And explain why it’s a special cake


Food provides nutrients and energy for
Food provides nutrients and energy for

1.1. When it happened

Being a big-time food fanatic, I love tasting mouth-watering delicacies. As far as desserts are concerned, I am into cake.
Although I have tasted cake many times, the one I had a deep memory during my last birthday was special, and I enjoyed that the most.

big-time 顶级的

fanatic [fəˈnætɪk]

1.2. Where it happened

During my last birthday, the world was going through the second wave of the covid-19. Due to that, my city was in a state of lockdown. There is no doubt that a birthday party is incomplete without cake. So on my birthday, my friends baked a cake for me at our home. As going out was not an option for us. So, my mother made the cake by using the ingredients [ɪnˈgriːdiənts] available at home.

1.3. Who you got the cake from

First, she baked the bread, and for that, she used whole wheat flour. For the icing on the cake, she made whipped cream from milk. And she further garnished the cake with Choco chips and fruits. I liked the cake because my friends baked it out of love and affection for me. Despite being newbies at cooking, they did tremendous hard work, and after watching umpteen videos on YouTube, they baked a mouth-watering cake for me.

they put in a tremendous amount of hard work

Grammar tips: (This is better to say)

my mother bake the cake for me with the ingredients available at home rather say my mother bake the cake for me with the ingredients that were available at home
this is the best cake I have ever taste in my life rather say this is the best cake I have ever tasted in my life

1.4. And explain why it’s a special cake

As it was her first attempt, I was apprehensive regarding the taste of the cake. However, to my surprise, it was far beyond my expectation. And the smile my friends had on their faces after getting accolades from me would always remain etched in my memories. In totality, that is the best cake I have ever tasted in my life.